Saturday, 23 May 2015

Bull Terriers’ Most Fantastic & Awkward Sleeping Positions

Let’s face it, Bull Terriers are most commonly known for their long egg shaped heads. What Bull Terrier owners also know is that they are extremely charismatic dogs, they have quirky and funny personalities that make them oh so lovable. One of these quirky traits is their incredible ability to fall asleep in the most uncomfortable and AWKS positions ever. Here are a few favourite ones.

1. Bull Terriers’ signature sleeping position. Yup.

dog sleeping awkward

2. Too full. Can’t…

3. Puppies need their sleep, clearly anywhere will do.

puppy bull terrier

4. Asleep mid chew… that’s the business.

5. At least you’ve made some attempt there bob.

Comfy dog

6. Don’t ask.

Sleeping pup

7. This is how we do.

Upside down dog sleeping

8. Just polishing the coat innit!

dog sleeping in paint

9. Apparently sleeping between two couch cushions is comfy?


10. No idea how he got up there.

dog asleep on coutner

11. This was a fantastic idea.

dog asleep in flower pot

12. We’re impressed.

Bull terrier

13. No you are not a soldier. Soz.

14. Ok seriously I need to study here…

Dog sleeping

15. I had planned on taking the floor, but then I discovered this.


16. Cheeky.

Dog in suitcase

17. How?

Bull terrier sleeping

18. There’s that signature position again.

Bull terrier sleeping face down

19. It’s always better with two!


20. His face says comfy, but just… no.


21. Definitely no.

Awkward bull terrier

22. The cat’s bed was closer…

dog sleeping in cat bed

23. Yup, top security.

Bull terrier sleeping outside

24. Arms raised? Erm ok…

25. Face plant? Really?

Awkward dog

26. Surely that’s a fire hazard?

Asleep on the stairs

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