Wednesday, 22 March 2017


You May Be a Lightworker
Lightworkers are those who volunteered - before birth - to help the Earth and its population heal from the effects of fear. Every Lightworker is here for a sacred purpose.
Your may be a Lightworker if you:
☆ feel called to heal others
☆ want to resolve the world's social and environmental problems
☆ believe that spiritual methods can heal any situation
☆ have had mystical experiences, such as psychic premonitions or angelic encounters
☆ have endured harsh life experiences that eroded the knowledge of your Divine perfection
☆ want to heal your own life as a first step in healing the world;
☆ feel compelled to write, teach, or counsel about your healing experiences
☆ feel a sense of urgency to fulfill your mission - even before you know that you are here for a higher purpose, or even if you are unsure what it is or how to fulfill it
As a Lightworker, you probably have discovered innate spiritual gifts, such as psychic communication skills and spiritual healing abilities. These are the gifts that you volunteered to use to heal the Earth and the people, plants and animals that populate the Earth.
If you are a Lightworker, you may have many abilities that will help you to fulfill your mission, however, these abilities may currently be dormant.
Through meditation, grounding and centering, work on releasing any fears that may be keeping you from feeling confident in your abilities. Remember that your power as a Lightworker comes from your higher self and the Divine - not from "you."
With your focused intent, thought and spirit, you can heal anything. There are no limits, except those you place upon your own healing abilities.
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