Thursday, 3 August 2017

Enchanted Woods

The tales tell of the strangest things,
But I hear only the soothing sounds -
Bewitched by the songs the forest sings,
I've crossed onto its hallowed grounds.
Caressed by the whispers,
The rustling leaves;
The clinking cones among the pines,
The scent of the forest upon the breeze;
But pass the barrier of in-between,
And strange things happen -
A change of scene...
Fireflies of gold - they hover and drift,
Creatures emerge, they shimmer and shift;
Resembling the old, but so different and bold,
The forest reveals its gift.
Distant pools of brilliant blue water
Glisten serenely under trees that glow;
Surrounded by greenery with food to offer,
Welcome to the woods where magic grows.

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