Friday, 11 November 2016

Walnuts beautiful poem

Walnuts beautiful poem
We set out on a walk today, my faithful dog and I,
The final walk, a last farewell, our time to say goodbye.
I made this dog a promise on the day he came to me,
To love him well, provide for him, and one day set him free.
We fool ourselves, and tell our hearts that day will never come,
But when we face the moment, it is clear what must be done.
For in exchange he offered me the greatest gifts I’ve known,
And I am changed forever by the love that he has shown.
His heart was pure and selfless, his devotion strong and true.
And when his time was over, there was one thing left to do.
I laid with him and held him as he made his final run,
My old dog’s soul ascending in the warm November sun.
This is the hardest thing I’ll face, a final act of love,
The shooting star I held so close now shines down from above.
We set out on a walk today, my faithful dog and I.
Two best friends bound forever, by a love that will not die.
(from Dog Nation blog)

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