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For Your Book of Shadows: Esbats

For Your Book of Shadows: Esbats
The phases of the Moon are associated with the faces of the Divine Feminine: the Waxing Moon with the Maiden; the Full Moon with the Mother; and the Waning Moon with the Crone. Esbats are lunar celebrations that honor the Goddess when She is at her height of power.
Traditionally, Esbats are held during the Full Moon, although you can observe them during any lunar phase. For many, Esbats are working celebrations - any needed spell work is performed, along with rituals such as Drawing Down the Moon. Your Esbat celebrations don't need to be elaborate to be rich with power, beauty and meaning.
In the Drawing Down the Moon ritual, you draw the power of the Goddess into yourself. This is an empowering and strengthening ritual, which can help to energize and inspire you for spell work, divination and healing.
The different phases of the Moon correspond with different magical workings. The New Moon, for example, corresponds with birth, initiation and beginnings. This is the time for spell work related to starting new ventures.
At the First Quarter or Waxing Moon, we see the Goddess as the Maiden. The Waxing Moon corresponds with growth, advancement and positive change. This is the time for constructive magic, such as that involving abundance, love, success, starting new projects and luck.
At the Full Moon, the Goddess is the Mother. This is a time of fertility, love, knowledge, growth, transformation, maturation, power and maximum psychic ability. The Full Moon is the time for working any spells that need extra power, for healing for serious conditions and for rituals for divination.
The Last Quarter or Waning Moon sees the Goddess as the Crone. The Waning Moon corresponds to wisdom, endings, release, deep secrets and the power of healing. This is the time for working banishing magic - perhaps to rid yourself of illness, negativity or an addiction.
The day before the New Moon is called the Dark Moon. The Dark Moon corresponds with transformation and exploring your darkest angers and passions. This is a time for meditation, divination, binding spells and ridding yourself of negative habits.
Call upon the Moon's energy in your magical workings, and enjoy the flow of energy connected with each of the different phases.
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