Monday, 17 April 2017


The sun washed sands along the beach
hid ocean gifts in drifting swells
and tides would wash within my reach 
a bounty of abandoned shells.
I'd walked those shores in search of all
the endless wonders I would find,
collecting trinkets I recall
held by the shifting sands of time.
My endless search unveiled the realm
of nautilus and scallop shells
and sand pails soon were overwhelmed
with countless finds and fishy tales.
Time moved on and I’ve since found
that search continues in my mind
and still those eager thoughts abound
with all the treasures I could find.
Those youthful times on sandy shores
seemed endless in the summer haze
and in my mind I still explore
those seashell thoughts of younger days.

© Mark Massey
Art Emily Balivet

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