Thursday, 8 June 2017


♥ We are a raw sensuality born of our senses-our incarnate form. Yes we are Soul and Radiant Spirit but we are also Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. We are experiences shaped by touch, taste hearing and scent. We are the sweetness of a kiss and the pain of a crushed bone.
This Precious, Human, Earthly Life.
The Poignancy and Power of a Female Form 
where Carnality and Radiant Soul Embrace. 

There is a place where Spirit and Material merge, where the world of the Dreaming and our Waking Life are experienced not as opposites but as a continuum a deep, infinite, multidimensional luminous web of connection that explodes our finite mind and when we surrender takes us into Lucid, breathing, Radiant Consciousness expressing itself infinitely through Life and this precious human form.
Photo Credit: Alina Khomchenko

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