Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Sunshine Delights

Standing tall against the sky, 
Magic treasure to my eye…
Bowing slightly in the breeze-
Lighting up as golden seas…
Warm and balmy in the sun,
Beams of sunshine on the run!
Petals bright as deepest yellow-
Blazing sunlight, making mellow-
Sunny flowers bright and free,
Van Gogh thought the world of thee-
Painted flowers in a vase,
Or in meadows, with the grass…
On his canvas he laid bare
All the beauty you held there-
Sunshine in a blaze of paint,
Painted free without restraint…
Oh, what joy the sunshine brings,
Lighting up so many things!
Such happy, sunny days are mine-
Nature’s beauty, so sublime!
Art Catherine Dowe

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