Saturday, 8 February 2014

" Sorry
Is all that i can tell
Time went by so hardly
The darness hours I went through
I am sorry, so sorry 

Forget me
Is all that you can do
Tears are useless
You never cried for me
So forget me, just forget me

Forgive me
Is all that I can hope
The insanity of my mind
The scars on my creepy skin
Please forgive me, forgive me

I hate me
Is all that I can say
My killer soul
My neverending madness
So hate me , yes hate me too

I lost me
Is all that I can see
My broken dreams
My crazy hopes
I lost everything , lost everything

I leave you
Don t be sorry
Forget me
Forgive me
Hate me
I lost"
©Broken Angel

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