Saturday, 16 April 2016

Change of Heart. {Poem}

Via Pat Steele Nielsenon Dec 19, 2015
Justin Campbell Restless

How lost do we get when seduced by lovely words and a tender touch?

Our minds and hearts go to a place previously unimagined. Months, perhaps years go by as we gladly immerse ourselves in this fantasy world.
And then…
This “true lover” shows himself to be a person we’ve never really known
with a life and an agenda that clearly doesn’t include us.
Can’t—breathe. Brain—hurts.
How to wrap our heart around this new reality when there is such a pain never felt before?
Surely I wasn’t wrong. I pray I wasn’t wrong. And then it all becomes crystal clear.
I believed you when you told me we were special
I shivered when you ran your fingers down my spine
I cried when you revealed your secret
I prayed you would change your mind.
I whispered your name in my dreams and
I sighed when you weren’t there.
I loved you for the first time, every time
I prayed you had changed your mind.
And then one day I looked at you and
I suddenly saw my Self.
And then…
I walked away.
I prayed and changed my mind.

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