Saturday, 24 March 2018

Love & Healing through a Twin Flame Connection Via Kiersten Bachmann-Berlin

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One Love.

my body was made
to receive you
a mere distant glimpse or thought of you
drops me high
and humbled
in a rush of knowing that i am of the stars
and weighted in the arms of this earth
and that both are in your embrace
i’m grateful that i have found you
or rather that i have remembered you
you’ve ignited my insides
to be able to feel all of me
every repressed corner
i recognize you
and remember now
Who I Am
i see and recognize myself
reflected in your eyes
in your boundless revelation
you have stirred to the surface
lifetimes and heritages of forgotten
and so many forms and manifestations
of codependent chains
this love between us has shined its light into all these dark and shameful places
this light between us has held and loved and raised these creatures to their potential in this world
this love and light has revealed Divine and mysterious plans
i live here on my knees in gratitude and in awe
waiting for
and acting on
guidance to serve this great creation
i’m ready to receive these gifts of love
and these gifts of fear, to raise them in the light
there is nothing i cannot face when i know your light within me
there is no darkness
i cannot light or embrace
there is no fear, distance, or death
that can trick me
into an illusion of separation from you
in your light i’m not able to judge myself
because i am you
perfect and complete
i am ready to face those who challenge this peace within
as forgotten parts
unloved and in need of healing within me
as the wounds inside me reveal themselves to me in the faces of those i judge
so too does my internal healing bring greater healing to the faces of this world
it was once scary to feel the boundlessness
of my love for you
because i knew that it was beyond
any behavior, action, or embodiment
that this earthly mind could contain
or understand
i knew that within my old love paradigm it would hurt
it would not fit in the conditions we place on people
or within the conditions we place on what we called “love”
as it was
bound, trapped, and blind in denial
and in rejection of the whole self
and so it hurt
it broke me
until these old paradigms died
one by one
how i grieved over this history
over these attachments
over the death of my ego
and the life and values i once carried
and from these broken walls
i became
and boundless unconditional love
that could finally live and breathe and speak and know life
as it was once screaming from within self-imposed walls
to be touched and received holistically in this light
our light
that is one love
Author: Kiersten Bachmann-Berlin 
Image: IMDB
Editor: Callie Rushton

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