Friday, 4 May 2018

The Message of the Bee

The Message of the Bee
The humble bee is hiding
In the blossom's golden cells;
He, and he only, can tell me 
Where the queen of the fairies dwells.
He is out on a royal message,
He has her high command
To bring his tribute of honey
To her table in fairyland.
And this is why he is ranging
From blossom to blossom to-day;
He is busy making nectar
For the lips of elf and fay.
He will carry the golden treasure
To all their kith and kin,
To a bank in a wood where a portal
Will open to let him in.
This tiniest of portals
Lies hid as violets hide,
Two blue-bells stand as sentries,
They guard it on either side.
He will hum, as he enters, the password,
And they — they will nod in the sun,
Then stand again to their duty,
And this is all that is done.
I too have seen this portal,
And a child can understand
That there is no other doorway
To the realms of fairyland.
by Alexander Anderson (1845-1909).
Art Becky Kelly

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