Tuesday, 10 May 2016

10 Beautiful Literary Maps

I love all things literary and I do love the myriad ways that different people have learned to display their love of literature. The Book Clock, stunning shelving displays, box framed favourites, a literary Periodic Table and these, beautiful literary maps.

London Book Map.

This Map is loosely based on a turn of the century London street map and includes classics such asMansfield Park, Northanger Abbey, Bleak House, Vanity Fair and Wuthering Heights and fictional areas dedicated to the works of Thomas Hardy, Virginia Woolf, Tolkien, Harry Potter and a children’s literature district featuring such classics as The Railway Children, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Where the Wild Things Are.

Moby Dick Map.

The Voyage of the Pequod is one of a series of twelve literary maps based on British and American literary classics produced by the Harris-Seybold Company of Cleveland between 1953 and 1964. The map was part of a calendar printed to advertise the capabilities of the company’s lithographic printing equipment.

The Map of Literature.

This incredibly detailed drawing was created by a student from Slovakia, Martin Vargic. It visualises how the world’s literature has evolved across the centuries. The map has four continents: fiction, non-fiction, drama, and poetry. Each ‘country’ represents a different genre and period.

Literary Map of Britain

Designed by Jeff Saunders, this gorgeous map of literary Britain is exclusively available at the Literary Gift Company.

Deacon’s Literary Map of Canada.

William Arthur Deacon’s literary map of Canada was produced in 1936.

St Petersburg Map of Literature.

This is a unique, geographically accurate map of Russia’s literary capital, created entirely from quotes by Russian authors writing about St. Petersburg. Produced by Russia! Magazine.

A Song of Ice and Fire Map.

…of Westeros and Essos

San Francisco Literary Map JIGSAW!

Look, it has quotes and it’s a JIGSAW!

Literary Map of America

Literary America as you’ve never seen it before! This original hand-lettered poster is exclusive to The Literary Gift Company. The map features a total of 226 geographically connected authors.

Map of Middle Earth.

For those of us who love a long walk.

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