Saturday, 27 May 2017

A Mystic Thing

A Mystic Thing
Freedom is a mystic thing
it blooms as the bright desert rose
it presses its way through granite 
it survives, no boundaries knows
freedom of the heart can never
be caged nor fettered in chains
free thought will forever survive
it beyond all adversity remains
The eagles' cries incline my flight
to realms where darkness recedes
and i stand upright clothed in light
a lone feather to grace my hair
the eagle and i, not afraid to fly
our vast domain is everywhere
They believed they took it all
our language, our sacred land
our names, our god, our freedom
thinking we’d no longer stand
but freedom is a mystic thing
and we yet arise on eagle wings
the songs of the ancients
still heard from afar yet ring
though the hills our spirits roam
By La Belle Rouge
In Honor Of The Strength Of My Cherokee Ancestors....

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