Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Swan Pool

Swan Pool
At Swan Pool so still
Where the water does glisten,
And shines in the sunlight
An artist's display,
And where dreams are made by
The softest reflections,
Which lie on the surface
And mirror this day.
While there on the bank side
So quiet and peaceful,
I sit and I wonder
As time passes by,
Just watching the swans as
They gracefully sail from,
The reeds on the shoreline
Where shadows do lie.
For sweet is the morning
So pleasantly drifting,
With no need to hurry
And no rush to end,
This time is my own and
This time I will treasure,
The love of a lifetime
I've found here a friend.
As smoke clouds are drifting
Across the horizon,
And making new pictures
On canvas of blue,
And as I look over
The water that glistens,
And sparkles like diamonds
I'm lost in this view.
Art Annie Stegg

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