Saturday, 13 May 2017

Moment Musicale

Moment Musicale
A pixie piped a piccolo
A goblin strummed a lute
A fairy fiddler pranced around
An elf played rosewood flute
From distant lake a mermaid sang
A most enticing feat
And somewhere in a berry bush
A gay gnome kept the beat
A cheerful chorus then burst forth
From songbirds in the glen
A boisterous exclamation rose
From goldcrest, thrush, and wren
The wind and water were inspired
To add their mystery
Swooshing. trickling, rustling wild
Past oak and willow tree
The flowers opened up with glee
To share their scent with all
And deep within the forest
A red fox fired a call
A more alluring songfest
I can scarce recall
Be very still and you will hear
Such moments musicale
Dorothea Barth
Art Lauren Mills

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