Thursday, 7 July 2016


To Love Again.
I see you cry those tears for me
but please don't cry for now I'm free,
another friend will come along
please love them well and love them strong.
You'll see another face at the door
another soul, another paw,
don't feel guilty when your heart has found
another soul to have around.
Don't look at him and feel sad for me
I sent him to you for company,
because while you grieve and miss me yet
I cannot walk my final step.
I'll still visit you now and again
as my Master, you will remain
but love again, be glad and free
there will be others after me.
Pick up that lead and walk with him
snuggle on the sofa when the light grows dim,
and when you hold that different paw
your heart will be open to love once more.

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