Sunday, 10 July 2016

Wild and Wise Women

Please, my love
calm yourself...
be so very still and quiet.
I want you to feel what I feel
know what I know
hear what I hear.
You know that feeling that you get
when you are in the comforting arms of one who loves you.
You know how it feels...
as if you are melting together
in that embrace.
You know this feeling...
where you become so close and connected...
so at one with each other
that you never want to let go...
to become only you again.
You have known these things
with family,
but are you aware that these things can be felt
without another heartbeat for miles around you?
So please, my love...
calm yourself.
Close your eyes,
quiet your mind,
feel those loving arms around you now
and know that they are always there,
holding you,
comforting you,
carrying you through it all...
Find this,
and you will know that there is nothing left to fear.
You will never feel alone again.

image by Christina Matheson

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