Friday, 15 July 2016

Don’t Wait. {Poem}

Don’t wait. 

Please don’t.
I did for years, 
Maybe lifetimes, 
I’m not sure. 
And then—
One day, 
I stopped waiting; 
I crossed.
I know I’ll cross again 
And again 
In the days 
And the decades to come
I think I’ve learned
Not to wait
There are too many experiences 
To be had
And too many people 
To experience them with 
Don’t you see? 
Love is dangling, 
Dripping from every moment
Just waiting
For us to cross over 
And pick it up.
Don’t wait. 
It’s right here
All of it
Don’t wait.
Take my hand
Cross with me…

Author: Rebecca Lammersen
Image: Courtesy of author, via Allan Henry 
Editors: Yoli Ramazzina; Emily Bartran

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