Monday, 24 July 2017

Ancient Echos

Walk slowly, softly for you shall hear
ancient echo’s from long ago so vividly clear
the ancient ones that walked this sacred ground long before
have been waiting for you, the time has come for them to open the door
Showing you the glorious simple wonders of the Earth
taking you back to the beginning when the world was being birthed
from the tiniest world of lichen and moss
to the tallest majestic trees,colorful flowers that have been hidden not lost
A sacred sanctuary, where one walked and lived in peace and harmony
among the creatures and every living thing, a time where one knew and believed thoughts and dreams were a possibility
the Faeries danced on the silver moonbeams, the Dragons watched and sang out loud
each protecting the balance of Earth ,all living energy
where there was love, no doubts
Walking in the twilight was a cause for joy and much delightful wonderment
for one knew there was always going to be a loving gift of magnificent enchantment
fireflies filled the nights like twinkling stars tumbling down from the midnight skies
where everything was open to all, all was truth, no false pretenses or lies
One knew they were part of the ever evolving circle of the greatest love
where one walked in balance, where you heard and saw with just one touch
the world of enchantment held the promise of dreams for all your tomorrows
rejoicing in the incredible highs of joy, while learning from the heartbreak of sorrows
Walk so very gently, for you shall feel the heartbeat of Earth as well as hear
for the reconnecting of hands to hearts of the ancient one’s ways is so very near
where we will walk together balancing the energies of incredible love once again
walk softly…open your heart, for you are here to be part of the greatest moment in life to come around once again

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