Thursday, 27 July 2017

The Blue Poppies Of The World

A golden orb sets in the distance
behind the mountains beyond
shining its final light on a field
of bright red poppies for miles around,
and standing alone in their midst
are dozens of brilliant blue poppies.
As if to say, we will not be ignored!
Your color may not be like theirs,
or as treasured by some,
but you have a right to stand tall,
and take your place in the sun!
Do you hide, or rather stand out
in the vast crowds of people?
Do you follow the pattern, try to fit in,
or dare to follow your heart and soul ,
listening to your inner voice
as it leads you to be one of a kind?
Share yourself with those you touch!
Your color may be different than some,
but in this vast world you make it
more beautiful by your presence!
By Betty Janko
Art Stephanie Law

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