Tuesday, 18 July 2017


In the dark dank undergrowth of green
Where sunshine seldom will be seen
In their set the docile badgers lay
You’ll seldom ever see them in the day
But very late at night when up on high
The fair moonlight shimmers in the sky
And the silver stars shine out
With not another soul about
Then you could hear a grunt and sigh
and if you happened to pass by
see first a quivering snuffling snout
As old Brock shuffles slowly out
He’ll waddle, belly close to ground
His movements hardly make a sound
As he seeks his night repast
In natures larder oh so vast
Mother badger roams there too
To gather food for babies new
Watching, needs to be aware
Of any dangers lurking there
As sometimes baby badgers tumble
But hearing mothers warning rumble
Disappear into the night
Before marauders come in sight
Pamela M Brooke

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