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It’s been over 150 years since Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was published. There are over 150 different illustrated versions of the book. And the love, obsession, popularity–whatever you want to call it–is not dying down. At this point I think every product and celebration imaginable has been given the Wonderland theme. Whether it’s the characters, trippy story, quotable sentences, Disney movie, or the creative imagination that went into the original work it especially seems to speak to artists.

Alice in Wonderland Disney Cartoon I do wish I hadn't cried so much
As someone who is always attracted to anything and everything creative I love seeing the many different interpretations of Wonderland. And I love trying to guess whether the work seems inspired by Tim Burton’s movie, the Disney cartoon, the original illustration, or Carroll’s writing. This isn’t even a drop in the pool of tears of Alice in Wonderland Art but here are 18 works I foundworthy of pinning:
Alice in wonderland hand cut paper art by Paper-Petal via deviantart

AT THE MARCH HARE'S TABLE by Rodney Matthews
AT THE MARCH HARE’S TABLE by Rodney Matthews

Alice in Wonderland pencil watercolor by Berk Öztürk

Alice in Wonderland The Herald 2006 by Maggie Taylor
The Herald by Maggie Taylor

Alice in Wonderland Painting underwater by Ooi Choon Liang Liange

Steampunk Alice by Sandra Chang
Steampunk Alice by Sandra Chang

alice in wonderland by digispectre on deviantart

Alice in Wonderland. Disney by RocioGarciaART via deviantart
Tea Time by Charles Santoso
Tea Time by Charles Santoso

Alice in Wonderland Lit poster by theGorgonist on etsy

Alice In Wonderland by ArtistAbe via deviantart

White Rabbit Trumpy by KEI ACEDERA at Arludik Gallery
Trumpet by Kei Acedera

White Rabbit Tweedles tell a Story by Bobby Chiu at Arludik Gallery
Bobby White by Bobby Chiu

Untitled, Wed May 12, 2010, 11:21:57 AM, 8C, 6000x8000, (0+0), 100%, Repro 1.8 v2, 1/60 s, R64.1, G51.3, B79.9
Tea Party by Leslie Ditto
Oh, Mr. Rabbit by Cuddly Rigor Mortis
Oh, Mr. Rabbit by Cuddly Rigor Mortis
Alice in Wonderland 3D street chalk art by Jennifer Chaparro

Alice in Wonderland Card Girl Starring Emily Ellis (Photo Dean Alexander Produced by Design Army)
Card Girl Starring Emily Ellis (Photo Dean Alexander. Produced by Design Army)

Through the Looking-Glass photography by Elena Kalis
Through the Looking-Glass by Elena Kalis
If you’ve still not had enough Alice–is there such a thing?– there are more works by “lowbrow” artist in Book-Inspired Paintings.And it isn’t rare to find a Wonderland themed product in Book Fetish.

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