Monday, 19 September 2016

Tractor death woman was entrepreneur Stephanie Booth

Stephanie Booth
Image captionStephanie Booth was the star of the BBC series Hotel Stephanie
A businesswoman who starred in a documentary about her hotel business has been killed in a tractor accident.
Stephanie Booth, 70, was crushed when the vehicle overturned as she mowed grass at her farm near Corwen, Denbighshire, on Sunday evening.
She was found by her husband David, 72, who went looking for her when she failed to return home.
The Health and Safety Executive and coroner have been informed.
Mr Booth said: "She was mowing ready to put sheep in one of our fields when she went too close to the top of a bank.
"The tractor rolled down about 20ft and overturned. Stephanie was dead when I found her."
Mrs Booth was born Keith Hull but went through gender reassignment in 1982 at London's Charing Cross Hospital.
She was one of the first people in Britain to go public about her sex change and later launched a series of businesses for the transgender community.
She also founded the Albany Clinic which gives specialist medical advice and guidance to transsexuals.
The couple also ran a catering and hotel business and, in 2008, she starred in a BBC series about the industry called Hotel Stephanie.
In 2011, Mrs Booth led a bid to buy Wrexham Football Club but later withdrewafter claiming she received death threats.
Later the same year her hotel business went into administration.
After that, Mrs Booth led a less high-profile life, instead concentrating on her magazine Yattar Yattar and her transgender mail order business.

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