Wednesday, 23 December 2015


A Bull Terrier`s Prayer.
Lord please grant to me if you see fit 

Owners who wount shout and hit, 

But speak soft words and pat my head, 

And let me sleep upon their bed, 

And fill my bowl with lovely food

And praise me when i`m being good, 

Who won`t mind when i am naugthy,

Covered in mud and smelling grotty, 

Who won`t get mad when i tend to do, 

The things that all the bullies do.
But see me when i act the clown, 

To cheer them up when they are down, 

A pet,a friend who`s good and true, 

A gift to the world designed by you,

Dear lord I ask just for myself, 

That goodies are stored on the lowest shelf!!!!

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