Saturday, 21 April 2018

Jimmy the Bull

a ( I highlighted some stories here). My “vacation” was to do the exactly thing that I love to do - shoot animals on a white background . I’ve waited hours to click whales, orcas, sea lions, bears, deers, eagles and I spent many hours walking on the beach in the early mornings to observe small animals hidden in the rocks... and everytime I saw them was like a cold shower of hapiness in my soul, it was always sublime, an emotional catarse. Unfortunately it’s impossible to share that emotion with pictures. You need to visit Alaska. When I was thinking that I was far away from a bull terrier, I was found by one on the last city of the trip, and it was a completely surprise for me. Yes, this is Patsy Ann, the bull terrier. Because of her unerring sense of the imminent arrival of each ship that visited Juneau and her faithful welcome at wharfside, Juneau Mayor Goldstein dubbed Patsy Ann "Official Greeter of Juneau, Alaska" in 1934, becaming the most famous canine west of the Mississippi, more photographed than Rin Tin Tin. And here I am, with her, saying goodbye to this magnificient place that she used to wait people, looking forward to be received at home by another bull terrier, my Patsy Ann
(nao consegui traduzir pra portugues pq ficou grande demais e excedi o mumero de caracteres rs, mas o instagram tem uma traducao automatica, desculpe.) @ Patsy Ann Memorial

Full Story of Patsy Ann here -


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