Friday, 6 April 2018

White Raven

Moon’s silver blue visage deeper then ocean and as celestial cosmos vast
On the spirit it makes impression that will forever last
It’s light on laying in the pond Victoria lily it will cast
It illuminates the air particles falling like silver blue dust
White raven rarest of all
In his beak caries moons’ illustrious soul
When piece of that soul
On the Earth will fall
It is the moons’ tear
And with it beautiful blue pearl will appear
As raindrop clear
And when one will look inside moons very soul will be near
To reach it white raven will give you a special seal
That in sideways of your mind its way will feel
To the immeasurable depths of one’s will
This is the base but extended soul will make it beyond surreal
By Patrycjusz Kopec
Art Cindy Grunsten

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