Friday, 13 April 2018


Mint is many things but it’s also a good anti-fungal and for those who’ve sugar indulged over Easter, this will be a good choice right now. Mint is a treble ‘goody’ with Candida because not only does its essential oil kill off fungus, but it also encourages better digestion, ensuring that any putrefied and undigested material in the gut is not left to linger which is just what the fungus (Candida) loves to feed off and proliferate with. Equally, mint is a liver repair herb which enables the liver to work much better at dealing with the die-off symptoms of successfully killed fungus (and the toxins released by Candida itself). Finally, peppermint is good at helping the bowel work better, a ‘must’ to ensure quick release of fungal toxins and a better gut and bowel flora. Mint is a ‘must’!
Minty Facts
Mints contain aromatic monoterpenes (present in its essential oil).
The menthol in peppermint (not present in spearmint) will open up the lungs and help breathing, colds, excess mucus and phlegm.
These very same menthol monoterpenes also trigger opioid receptors, which function as a topical analgesic, which is also why it can be comforting to the gut and bowel. Mint is an immune herb that is anti-microbial and anti-fungal, useful for antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
Mint Tea
Mint is peppery, fresh and yes a little sweet, so don’t over-steep the tea. Its lovely minty flavour is quickly released from the plants surface (glandular sacs of oil) and too much steeping and bruising will go on to release the plant’s juice, which may be bitter.

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