Monday, 30 April 2018

Tree Spirit

Tree Spirit.
Sweet spirit of the living tree,
You’ve always stayed so close to me-
Through many seasons we have grown, 
You’re always here, I’m not alone…
I am the tree you shelter in,
Away from all the worldly sin-
When men approach to cut me down
You soon reproach them, with a frown!
They would not dare to venture here,
Your presence is so warm and dear-
A hundred years I now have stood
So tall within this magic wood…
The summer shows my leaves of green,
I decorate this woodland scene-
Then autumn splashes vibrant hues,
And vivid colors do enthuse…
Winter comes on frigid feet,
We both do miss the summers’ heat-
But spring flies in with daffodils
Decorating natures’ hills…
Oh gentle spirit, ever true,
You know I think the world of you-
So shelter here within my cave,
Many a time my life you’ve saved…
Nature’s treasure, oh so small,
I cannot see your face at all-
But your sweet touch is very real-
I love the way you make me feel…

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