Monday, 27 January 2014

A letter to Pickle

Sue Perkins’ loving letter to her dog Pickle will have you in floods

Sue perkins, comedian and Great British Bake Off presenter, among other things, said goodbye to her dog Pickle last week.
At the time she sent a loving tweet, including a gorgeous photograph of Pickle.
Source: Twitter
Today, she has shared a letter written as a goodbye to Pickle.  It is moving, to say the least, and decribes the relationship between dog and owner beautifully.
She recalls their early days together:
As a pup, you crunched every CD cover in the house for fun. You chewed through electrical cable and telephone wires… You puked on everything decent I ever owned.
The hard times they’d shared:
When someone once took a punch at me, you leaped in the air and took it. When I discovered I couldn’t have children, you let me use your neck as a hankie.
And the love she had for her.
You were the peg on which I hung the all the baggage that couldn’t be named. You were the pure, innocent joy of grass and sky and wind and sun. It was a love beyond the limits of patience and sense and commensuration. It was as nonsensical as it was boundless. You alchemist. You nightmare.
You can read the full letter here, but be warned, if you are a dog lover, you may need a while to recover.

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