Friday, 17 January 2014

Dream Come True


i'd clothe you in Moonlight 
And undress you with my gaze 
Before my hands ever touched you 
Or my lips sought yours
i'd hold you closely
Next to a heart that beat your name
i'm a breath of Night Wind
Caressing your orchid-petal skin
Flowering you like the Blossom you are
Igniting your deepest Passions
With green fire from my eyes
i'm a gentle whisper
Upon your graceful neck
Intimating to you of desires we share
Your passion builds me a Tower
As mine opens in you a Gate
You spread your blackened pinions
To fly to my side and be mine
A hunger compels us
There is nothing to resist
One Night shall last an eternity
Our first night alone
Together as One

- by Jason Vagabond Wilkinson
from "One Time," the fifth collection

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