Saturday, 18 January 2014

The 5 Best & Worst Guard Dog Breeds

What does one look for in a guard dog? Do they want a dog to attack on command? Or merely bark excessively to scare off would be robbers? There are certain breeds that would lick someone into submission. Of course enthusiastic tail wagging has been known to cause serious injury. It is possible to train almost any dog to be an effective protector, but certain breeds were genetically designed to be protective and downright scary.
The Akita Tops Our List of Best Guard Dogs
Here is a list of dog breeds that would be the most and least likely to scare away an intruder.

The Best Guard Dogs:

1) Akita: The Akita has been described as powerful, dignified and alert. Bred in Japan for hunting and protection, this distinguished breed will not hesitate to take down anyone who poses a threat to his territory.
2) Chow Chow: An ancient breed originating in China, the Chow is lion like in appearance and in protecting its family. Inherently territorial, this lovable breed would defend its home by going after a gatecrasher without a second thought.
3) Rottweiler: With its strength and protective nature, the Rottweiler was originally bred to herd cows. Its intimidating stance is usually enough to ward off any trespasser, but if they feel their area or their family is in danger, the Rottie will take an offensive stance towards an invader.
4) Shar-pei: The dog with a thousand smiles might fool the average prowler. Another centuries old breed from China, the Shar-pei was originally bred for fighting but today, it is a loyal family dog that will protect its family at all costs.
5) German Shepherd: Described as approachable, direct and fearless, the German Shepherd has grown in popularity for its intelligence and family loyalty. Law enforcement officers prefer this breed for its easy trainability. Intruders don’t like them for their defensive tendencies.

The Worst Guard Dogs:

The Irish Wolfhound Tops Our List as The Worst Guard Dog
The Irish Wolfhound Tops Our List as The Worst Guard Dog
Irish Wolfhound: Although one of the tallest breeds, the Irish Wolfhound is not the fiercest. Unless the family was home, in which case the dog would defend his pack, an Irish Wolfhound would probably lie down and watch the house get looted.
Pug: The Pug is as friendly as friendly could be. With tongue lolling, she would greet an intruder, show them where the safe was and roll over for a good belly scratch.
Afghan Hound: Dignified and aloof, the Afghan Hound would rather be out frolicking than caring about the flat screen TV that used to sit in the living room.
Bloodhound: Docile and friendly, the Bloodhound would most likely amble over, give the prowler a good sniff and amble back to his bed in the corner.
St. Bernard: Known for its “gentle giant” demeanor, the St. Bernard may scare away a trespasser by their mere presence. If the interloper continues to intrude, this loveable dog would most likely want to play.


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