Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Weight Loss Spell

One of the best known weight loss spells around is the Magic Knot Spell. This spell makes use of black embroidery floss and a series of spells that you chant as you make nine knots in the long floss.

Here's how it goes:

First Knot: By knot of one, I now ignite, a reduction in my appetite.
Second Knot: By knot of two, my metabolism becomes an active mechanism.
Third Knot: By knot of three, I bind desire for unhealthy food - it now expires.
Fourth Knot: By knot of four, I bind the urge to binge and gobble, gorge and splurge.
Fifth Knot: By knot of five, inertia goes, and exercise, I don't oppose.
Sixth Knot: By knot of six, all excess weight is bound to quickly dissipate.
Seventh Knot: By knot of seven, I resist a serving larger than my fist.
Eighth Knot: By knot of eight, insecurity goes, self-worth buds and blooms and grows
Ninth Knot: By knot of nine, I bind each setback, so I stay easily on track

This isn't just a catchy magic spell, but it also makes sense. When repeated like a mantra, this spell conditions your mind to believe everything that the spell is laying out: healthy eating, portion control, exercise, self-worth.

Space the knots equally from one another, and then tie the two ends as you chant the following:

By final knot, I set this spell. So each and every single cell, of my body and mind, works together now to bind me to this weight-loss strategy, and a healthy ideology, until of excess pounds I am free. As I will, so mote it be.

The weight loss spell should of course be accompanied with healthy eating habits, plenty of water and regular exercise. It will be useless if you chant away between bites of bacon (yum!), chocolate (double yum!) or cake (mmmm - with cream cheese frosting!). Seriously, you need to drink an almost inconvenient amount of water to see good, steady progress in weight loss.

So, chant the spell and avoid the fad diets, drink lots (lots!) of water, limit sugars and starches, eat plenty of vegetables, keep busy, don't skip means, eat only from a plate while seated at the table (no grazing in the kitchen or eating in front of the TV) and keep a journal of everything you eat so you stay accountable to yourself.

You can perform this spell as often as you like.


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