Monday, 13 January 2014



  • kilogram minced lamb (or beef)
  • ½ onion (diced)
  • 25 ml cooking oil
  • 10 ml butter
  • 25 ml curry powder
  • 10 ml salt
  • 25 ml peach chutney (or apricot)
  • 15 ml apricot jam (smooth)
  • 15 ml worcestershire sauce
  • ml turmeric
  • 25 ml malt vinegar
  • handful raisins
  • eggs
  • 375 ml milk
  • slice bread (crestless)
  • pinch of salt
  • bay leaves


  1. Put bread into bowl with milk and leave to soak. Heat oil and butter in large pan and fry onions. When onions are soft add curry powder, slat, chutney, Worcester sauce, jam, turmeric and vinegar. Mix well.
  2. Drain bread, saving milk. Add bread, raisins and meat to pan. Cook over low heat until meat looses its pinkness. Remove from heat and add 1 well beaten egg. Mix well then spoon into greased ovenable dish and level the top
  3. Beat remaining 2 eggs into the reserve milk, add turmeric and salt, mix well. Pour over meat mixture and place bay leaf on the top. Bake uncovered in 180C for approximately 1 hour or until set (nicely browned). Serve with yellow rice, banana, coconut & chutney.

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