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Oranges Are Awesome: Here’s Why.

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While oranges have been given a bad rap in the press lately because of their sugar content, new research is showing that the fresh fruit—not the store bought juice—may deliver a wealth of benefits.

A Range of Benefits
Loaded with over 60 flavonoids, pectin, and vitamin C, oranges are emerging as a resource for optimal eye, heart, kidney and immune health.
Vitamin C in oranges activates GABA receptors on retinal nerve cells. Without optimal vitamin C, these nerve cells can malfunction and may increase the risk of a host of eye health issues (1).
Regular intake of oranges has shown to support the health of the arteries as well as maintain healthy cholesterol levels (1).
Due to their high potassium levels, oranges are recommended for healthy kidney function according to the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.
Beware of Orange Juice
An orange without its fiber to slow down the absorption of the sucrose and fructose can easily overwhelm the body’s sugar tolerance. So chow down on oranges, but not the juice!
According to Ayurveda, fruits are best when eaten alone. This makes an orange a great meal replacement if you miss a meal. If you need something before, during or after exercise when losing lots of fluids and electrolytes, a whole orange is perfect choice.

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