Tuesday, 9 June 2015

50 Things You Learn By The Time You're 50

Each decade of life brings its own joys, challenges and lessons. When it comes to one's 50s, those of us here at Huff/Post50 think they're pretty fabulous. We're not as consumed with little kids and career-forging, and we've figured out what really matters in life.
We asked our Facebook friends to share the single life-changing realization they've come to in their 50s. Here are the most important things you'll learn in your sixth decade.
1. "The only opinion about me that matters is mine." -- Diana Childress
2. "Everyone has an interesting story to tell, and once they tell you, it's hard to see them in the same way." -- Jamie Greco
3. "There is no rewind... you learn as you go along." -- Amy Zai Kaner Levey
4. "It's your life, live it the way you want, not what you think others think you should do." -- Barbara Perry
5. "Knowledge and wisdom are cumulative -- share what you know that will make your world a better place." -- Deb Hosey White
6. "People either want to grow and evolve with you or they don't." -- Lori Day
7. "Who I am on the inside is so much more important than how I look on the outside." -- Vicki Tucker Perrault
8. "Calm the hell down. Most problems aren't disastrous life-changing events." -- Robin Horton Hensley
9. "My happiness is not your responsibility and your happiness is not my responsibility." -- Peggy Nolan
10. "Relationships matter... put time into them." -- Denise Buechter Forsyth
11. "Things could always be worse. Each day is a blessing." -- Boyd W. Wicks, Sr.
12. "I can say NO and feel good about it." -- Debra Peterson Padgett
13. "It really IS true that you have everything if you have your health." -- Barbara Snyder
14. "Life is short." -- Carolyn Rose Milner
15. "Don't take everything so personally." -- Joy Prather Van Holten
16. "Be happy with what you have. Circumstances can change in an instant." -- Rosie Daigle Eaton
17. "Time is a great healer." -- Fiona Morris
18. "You DON'T have to please all the people all the time." -- Karina Hilton
19. "I like me... a lot. If you don't, that's your problem, not mine." -- Betsy Levin
20. "Enjoy the ride." -- Carol Van Wie Quick
21. "Be the best you can, every day." -- Peg Lucier
22. "Find your brave." -- Kathleen Haeg Eckola
23. "50 isn't as old as I thought it was when I was 13!" -- Brenda English
24. "Choose your battles. Some things are just not worth fighting about. Save your energy for those things that are dearly important to you." -- Margo Hailey Hobson
25. "Don't waste your time on the negative." -- Nancy Willis
26. "You can't save the world, so sit back and enjoy the ride." -- Jody Palmer
27. "Keep on smiling... no matter what." -- Joyce Ayotte
28. "Think hard before you open your mouth, especially when you're upset." -- Cheryl Strommen
29. "Things are just things, get rid of them. Don't saddle your kids with a massive house cleanout after you're gone." -- Sally Barry
30. "Always say yes to a dare." -- Garry Deborah
31. "Never say yes to a dare. It is a stupid thing and will get you into trouble. Always say 'you go first and then I'll think about it'." -- Vivian Dobbins
32. "Don't waste another moment trying to satisfy mentally unhealthy people." -- Lisa C. Crooms.
33. "It's not that serious." -- Mel Bynum
34. "Stop talking and LISTEN. You might just learn something new." -- Marsha Magee
35. "I'm okay with being flawed. I no longer need to justify my shortcomings...accept me or don't." -- Mary Hels Jager
36. "No one cares what I look like in a swimsuit anymore, including me!!" -- Karen Valerio
37. "Don't waste one minute of every day you have on the earth. You can never get it back." -- Ardda Hersh
38. "Let it go." -- Margarita Hinksoni
39. "Worry less. 80% of the things you worry about never happen!" -- Barbara Mathieson
40. "Should have looked after myself better when I was twenty!" -- Debbie Lee Spenard
41. "You're never too old to get conned." -- Lauri Andersen
42. "Gravit

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