Saturday, 13 June 2015

Pit Hair is Out There.

Via on Jun 12, 2015
armpit hair

Today, I saw a rainbow of hair sweep across my Facebook feed.

Armpit hair, that is.
I find the apparent Instagram trend fascinating, because when we do see women out in the world with their armpits on display, it’s usually just a flash of hair—the same as when we see armpit hair on men.
Because, you know, they’re armpits. They don’t get out all that much.
And, according to mental_floss, American women began shaving our ‘pits in 1915 when the sleeveless dress came into fashion. Since then, at least in North America, women’s armpit hair has mostly gone underground (or at least clogged up our shower drains).
But here, you can gaze all you like. You’ll find sultry dark patches, fluffy blond tufts, and even an array of brightly dyed armpit hair.
What was much more surprising than the pictures of women sporting hairy ‘pits, though, were the comments I saw accompanying the photos.
Comments like, “Gross!” and, “Well that’s unattractive.”
Don’t women receive enough narrow, negative messages about our bodies? About our curves and cellulite, about pores and portions, about toning and taming ourselves?
Letting our armpit hair grow out or dyeing it might not change the world.
Because again, they’re armpits.
They’re coy like that.
But it’s something. It’s a way to rupture the corset-tight definitions of feminine beauty.
It’s a celebration of choice.


Author: Lynn Shattuck 
Editor: Renée Picard
Images: via the author / public domain 

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