Tuesday, 2 June 2015

In your Arms. {Poem}

Via on Jun 2, 2015

You hold me tight, but not too tight

And I melt
Like sea salt caramel
Into your arms.

And I know I’m not supposed to say this
You hold me together.
Your arms
Like strings of glue
Fasten my messy broken pieces back into place
And I feel whole, just for a moment.

Because as much as I try to convince myself otherwise
The raw truth is
I’m not whole on my own.
I need you.

Those things are the scariest to say
And my restless heart fills with worries
About giving her roaring wildness away.
But, she also says
It’s okay to need
It’s okay to want
It;s okay to feel
It’s okay to love deeply, madly, ferociously.

And here in your arms
I feel safe.
Your chest is like a tent from the pouring rain
Your collarbone, a flashlight.
With gentle fingers, you help me navigate the darkness
And your help, it humbles me.

In your arms
I shake
Slowly giving myself over to your embrace.
I find new strength
A strange kind of courage.
Surrendering fully to your heartbeat
I find myself in a different way.
I find myself vulnerable
And brave
In your arms.

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