Saturday, 13 June 2015


I used to walk down the street,
people paid little attention.
Occasionally someone would give
my glossy coat a mention.
Now when I go outside
people stop and stare
They now have fear in their eyes
seeing the muzzle I'm made to wear.
I'm not a nasty dog
I behave so very well
But sadly I fell victim to
the law called BSL.
Men took me and they measured me
And said that I was "type"
But if you got to know me,
you'd see that it's just hype.
I'm muzzled and tattooed,
On a list they wrote my name
But even with all this,
I refuse to live in shame.
I may not think it's fair
But I'm a lucky one
Too many others were judged too
And now.... they are gone.
Will you help me to fight this
Or will you turn away
Can you be really certain
It won't be your dog one day
It simply is so wrong
to judge on shape or breed
Why can't we just be judged
on each individual deed
xxxx photo by Katie : of the The Canine Crusaders - Cobalt and Sapphire at London's bsl protest poem penned by Jane Wrench x

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