Thursday, 12 November 2015

We Were Wild. {Poem}

Via Naomi Woodon Nov 12, 2015

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I work as a professional fairy, as part of a tribe of lightworkers enabling positive body image and inspiring people to be their most powerful and vulnerable “enheartened” selves.

I wrote this about the last six years of hard work and magic with “Fairylove,” having been pushed to my limits physically and emotionally, fully challenged to show up and be fully present as my rawest self.
It’s given me some of the most divine moments of my life and provided me with a chance to witness miracles—both within myself and externally—to connect with the wild wolf archetype, the Baba Yaga herself, and appreciate humanity in an excruciatingly tender way.

We Were Wild

You were wild once. Don’t let them tame you, she said
We laughed at all their petty rules
Brushed our faces with stars and falling leaves
We danced and cavorted;
Mud-spattered paws. Bare skin. Quick wit.
We laughed with wide eyes and open mouths.
Clawing, tasting, grasping at stolen snatches
of perfect Free.
Twirling and entwining our magnificent powerful bodies,
pushing them further
wringing out final sparks of ecstasy
Under the moon, in the trees, in the Wide Open
We saw the Goddess in each other
Drunk with love

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