Wednesday, 18 November 2015

When dogs go to work...

Recent research revealed that one in two dog owners would take their pets to work, if they were allowed. Many of our fans are able to have their dog with them in the workplace and shared their brilliant photos of their pets hard at work...

1. "I told them to get me a keyboard big enough for my paws!"
2. "There's your order. That will be two packets of dog treats, two tennis balls, and two belly rubs, please..."
3. The office dogs had saved them a fortune on paper shredding.
4. "Will you two stop playing practical jokes at work!"
5. "Come on get in the van, we're ready to go!"
6. Sage is always ready for work
7. "It's great working here, they even let us bring in an office human!"
8. Many dogs get promoted to the role of supervisor
9. "We've got all the tools but have you remembered the dog treats?"
10. It was a slow afternoon for the office dogs...
11. "Is it lunchtime yet?"

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