Wednesday, 28 December 2016

A Poem for everyone who’s “Too Fat, Too Tall, Too Gay or Too Feminine.” Via Banshee Beauty Boois

Love in a Time of Drought.

Give yourself the freedom to learn, to love, to grow, to know.
Better when people tell you that you aren’t good enough.
“Too fat, too tall, too gay, too feminine.” They say
“too short, too masculine, too skinny, too loud.”
Stop and choose to look within yourself;
For a glance in the mirror to reveal the truth:
Reflections of love staring back at you, through your own eyes.
Allow yourself to forget the lies and realize the god within yourself.
Master of your universe, made in god’s image,
Clothe yourself in more than just jewels and gold,
But in the knowing that you are wholly your own,
Slowly learning to un-learn the self-hate.
You sit in stillness daily;
Chanting mantras;
Making yoga moves;
Redefining all the rules
So that the healing of your soul becomes the ultimate life goal!
Freeing yourself from a shrunken, hidden and melancholy soul.
For the rain fell and you see that the sky went pale, just for you.
The clouds impregnated by the heat radiating from your dimmed glow,
Who gave birth to the rain sent down from the heavens to kiss and caress a heart broken.
Placed in the hands of a world filled with f*ck boys
and girls who parade down “hell is life'” lane
and magazines that body shame
and news channels that only spread hate.
Pause! And choose to listen to the rain as it washes always all your pain, flowing down your window pane.
Bringing with it love that flows into rivers,
Reborn into the seas,
who will no doubt rise again, just as you do every morning
Cloaked in freedom, beauty, truth and love.
Love that abides by and defies gravity simultaneously,
Love that falls for you like the rain,
Love that not only rises but also shines for you like the sun.
Love that never forgets to acknowledge or wave at your majestic presence like the sea.
Love that bows before you and kisses your feet like the soil.
Love that blooms at your touch,
Like the flowers awaiting and awakening to your bloom
As you enlighten to your true nature in the knowing that
the love that you’ve longed and thirsted for has returned to your desert being
Just like rain in a time of drought.
Author:  Banshee Beauty Boois
Image:  wudaokou / Deviantart 
Editor: Sara Kärpänen

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