Saturday, 3 December 2016

Words of a broken soul

An angel has to die
"My wings wide open
A last flight into the failure
Ô cold bitter night 
Gaping scars don't lie
Ô somber sweet moonlight
An angel has to die
My eyes wide closed
A last look at the mourning
Ô soft frozen memories
Silent wounds don't bleed
Ô treacherous blue sight
An angel has to die
My voice wide strangled
A last sound to the winds
Ô harsh sour sighs
Iron notes don't cry
Ô sad empty choir
An angel has to die
My hands wide mixed
A last hug to the bars
Ô tender grazed touch
Palmed destinies don't reverse
Ô broken blissful dreams
An angel has to die
My words wide bound
A last tirade for the forgetting
Ô miserable beautiful scream
Dark brackets don't speak
Ô hazed cloudy ink
An angel is dead "
©Broken Angel

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