Wednesday, 28 December 2016

As ever it was

Is it as it ever was, does the present share the past
Has the fact or maybe sometime fiction, survived us to the last
If we've been here before, and life is preordained to haunt
Do the everdreams of everynight, flaunt apparitions sent to taunt
Shit and silent prophesy happens on every plain,
As does the reward of untold truths of benison and bane
Survival in conception, the fruition of fertile seed
Set in fronds of fantasy, and good and evil deed
Passage of time and circumstance, pave roads with obstructs and of gold
Prayer falls to silent ears, destroying wonders once to have and to hold
Shattered, dreams of travesty, insecurities the human failings
Angels in a nightmares dream, try to deny liberties pointless slaying
Dress it up as was before, in majestic rags of false renown
Life's harvest dressed in vanity and fortunes gowns

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