A snow-white dog photographed in environments where ferns and fungi cover floors and walls, where thick layers of dust cover the abandoned belongings of the last residents. The photographs look surreal, yet Claire the Bull Terrier poses in such a way she gives the impression she assumes the role of the former inhabitants. Part of the process is to capture a piece of the soul of these places, Claire and I can spend quite some time just walking the rooms and sitting at specific spots to ‘catch’ the atmosphere.
The walls, silent witnesses of love and friendship, of sorrow, hatred and sometimes even murder. The way nature takes over these buildings, how ivy penetrates the interiors, where moss has replaced the carpets, where small trees start to grow indoors, shows that everything is perishable. You will not find such an atmosphere anywhere else, decay is fascinating.
Urban Exploring or Urbex is about exploring abandoned farms, houses & palaces, discovering overgrown industrial complexes, forgotten hospitals, disused churches and prisons. When I decided to use my furry friend as a model I came up with a unique name for this type of photography; Furbex. Furbex also became the title of our book that recently was published. Photos and stories of our adventures during five years of exploring together.
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