Sunday, 20 March 2016

5 Ways to Change Your Attitude When You Feel Like Giving Up on Life

Changing your attitude is one of the hardest things to do in life. Throughout all of the amazing experiences in life, there is an equal amount of pain and suffering to be had in order to learn. Sometimes you just have a bad day, even weeks that won’t quit. I come across a lot of people on a daily basis, people with bad vibes and no sign of a smile. I try to remind myself when someone is upsetting me or hurting my feelings that there is a very good chance that person is in pain. Change is difficult, changing the way you view yourself and the world is even more so, especially when you have been wronged.If you need to change your attitude, chances are something(s) have contributed to causing you pain and bitterness. Here are 5 ways to begin to change your attitude.
1.) Release those who have mistreated you. This is mostly for yourself, not them. Letting go of negative feelings, harm done to you, and thoughts/feelings of guilt is number one in the process of an attitude change. Nothing screams bad attitude more than holding onto resentments and bitterness. So work on forgiving, learning from it and moving on with your life. In turn, work on forgiving yourself for any pain you have caused. Carrying around negative thoughts and feelings about past mistakes will prevent you from moving forward as a better you. Send them positive thoughts and love, then move on.
2.) Believe in yourself. I know you hear it all the time… “It starts with you.” Well, people say it all the time because it is true! You are a beautiful being of light and love. We were made to be loved and to love in return, to grow from the mistakes we make as humans do, and to become wiser and more confident in ourselves as the days go by. Practice to be more comfortable in your own skin and take care of yourself both mentally and physically. If you begin to love yourself, having a loving attitude won’t be as hard to grasp.
3.) Be present. One of the hardest things for me to do is live in the moment. Trying to conquer an overwhelming sense of anxiety on a daily basis is basically me having to let go of future worries. I constantly look ahead (and in the past) feeling guilty and overwhelmed about mistakes I have made or mistakes I am going to make. Try to incorporate focusing on the now and your worries about the future will start to slowly disappear.
4.) Practice being thankful. Being grateful is important and hard to grasp. In a society where everyone seems to always want more, we probably feel we are not good enough and we need more expensive things or a more lavish lifestyle to be accepted. If someone paints a picture of having a perfect life, be happy for them and focus on how great yours is too. You are breathing, people love you, and most of all your creator loves you. There are people suffering every second of the day, all over the world, try to be compassionate and understand that we all experience heartache and suffering. It’s what you do with the heartache that defines your attitude.  Radiate love always.
5.) Exercise. I know after a long yoga class, I feel rested and refreshed. It forces me to focus on being present in my body and let my mind focus on the exercise and the breathing. Letting go of outside worries and inner pain is easiest do when focused on something more positive. I also feel more confident in my own body when I am exercising, which definitely effects my mood in a positive way. I’m less irritable and feel like I’ve had a mental and physical release from all the stress of daily life.
Changing my attitude is something I work on everyday, every minute. I analyze my actions and the words that come out of my mouth constantly. Having a lot of darkness in my past, I struggled for a long time to see the good in the world. I wish I started to change my attitude years ago, but “everything in time”, I suppose. I hope this connects to you and empowers you to change your attitude towards other and towards yourself!
About the Author:
Kate Rae is an intuitive writer discussing the world of mental illness and how healthy living and a little humor can greatly improve your well being. Kate recently started an uplifting blog about anxiety, relationships, and holistic living that you can follow here. Also her daily lifestyle can be followed on her instagram here.

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