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Elegant Editions: Rizzoli’s Art Books

Almanacco Illustrato del Calcio (various issues)
Almanacco Illustrato del Calcio (various issues)
The name Rizzoli carries considerable weight in the world of publishing.  The company began in Italy when a young entrepreneur named Angelo Rizzoli purchased four magazines. He eventually built a global media empire called RCS MediaGroup.  But there is one particularly fascinating  company within this mega-corporation and that’s Rizzoli Publishing, which is responsible for some of the most beautiful and well-designed art books around today.
Though the company’s roots were planted in 1929 in Italy, Rizzoli moved its publishing operation to New York in 1974.  Rizzoli is a leader in the fields of art, architecture, interior design, photography, haute couture, and gastronomy. Browse the books - you will see tremendous attention to detail and no expense sparred.
One of the best places to view the vast array of Rizzoli titles is the Rizzoli bookstore in downtown New York.  The shop opened in 1964 at 712 Fifth Avenue in a building designed by architect Ferdinand Gottlieb.  The bookstore quickly became a New York landmark and was featured in various films, most notably Woody Allen's Manhattan and also Falling in Love with Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep.  In 1985, the store moved to a historic three-storey townhouse at 31 West 57th Street, and in Spring 2015 it will open in its newest location at 1133 Broadway in New York's NoMan neighbourhood where it will continue to be a pilgrimage destination for booklovers. 

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Books Published by Rizzoli

Art Deco 1903-1940 by Jean Paul Bouillon
Art Deco 1903-1940 
by Jean Paul Bouillon
A.M.Cassandre by Henri Mouron
by Henri Mouron
George Segal by Sam Hunter
George Segal 
by Sam Hunter
Matisse by Pierre Schneider
by Pierre Schneider
Art in the Streets by Jeffrey Deitch
Art in the Streets 
by Jeffrey Deitch
Chagall by Francois Le Targat
by Francois Le Targat

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