Monday, 7 March 2016

E.L James; Fifty Shades and Seven Quotes

Today is E.L James' 53rd birthday

E.L James has the unfortunate honour of being probably the world’s most hated author of the modern era; her trilogy Fifty Shades is constantly ridiculed for its immature prose and its subject inaccuracies and is often touted as being nothing more than a How To manual glorifying sexual and emotional abuse.
Despite this, she managed to sell more copies ofFifty Shades of Gray in the UK than J.K Rowling’s Deathly Hallows (source). So she must have got something right and to her credit, she alone has brought more new adults o the reading fold than any other modern day author and that can’t be a bad thing surely?
To honour her achievements we have gathered together quotes from the lady herself and her novels. Enjoy.

“You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince”
“It’s very hard to grow up in a perfect family when you’re not perfect.”
“It’s much easier to wear your pain on the outside…”
“Even a pain in the ass needs someone to care about them” 
“I want my world to start and end with you.”
“Oh, fuck the paperwork.”
“Sometimes I wonder if there’s something wrong with me. Perhaps I’ve spent too long in the company of my literary romantic heroes, and consequently my ideals and expectations are far too high.”
Love her or hate her, she’s become an extremely successful author and has tapped into a genre that a lot of women and plenty of men enjoy reading.

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