Friday, 25 March 2016

For the Man I will Love

Can you love me at my worst the way you do at my best?

Will your arms wrap around me when tears fall from my eyes?
Will the secrets of my heart be safe in yours?
Will you speak good of me when I am elsewhere?
Can I trust the intentions of your being with all of mine?
Will the darkness lingering in my heart frighten you away,
or will you stand in the storm and take my hand
for when my inner storm expands beyond the confines of this shell?
Can you forgive deeply and completely,
and ask me to the same?
Can you love a complicated being so intensely
that you see jewels among these shards?
Can you allow me the space to face my shadow,
without judgment,
without malice,
and allow, when I am ready, my refreshed return?
Does the darkness scare you,
or can you be the light that shines through?
Will you remember that,
though we journey together,
our passage to the next plane must be a solo endeavor,
and because of this,
we must travel our own path too?
Can you love me through the difficulty,
helping me to trust the human soul once again,
encouraging my independence,
delighting in my joy,
sitting in awe of that which lights me up,
and not be threatened?
I will, for you.
Can you for me?
Author: Tracy Souders
Editor: Caroline Beaton
Photo: Flickr

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